Economics in Leaving Cert

Economics is the study of the processes and decisions that influence the production and consumption of goods and services by individuals, firms, governments and other institutions in an economy. Therefore, economics is often described as a way of thinking about how people interact in a society, how they make decisions and foster relationships. It is a social science, and it is driven by a desire to question and inquire about economic patterns, relationships and principles. It explains how income is generated, how income is used, how resources are employed and how goods and services are exchanged and distributed. Decisions relating to these have social consequences, intended and unintended, which are also analysed in economics.


Young people are growing up in a dynamic economy which is constantly changing at local, national and global levels. Increasingly, their lives are being shaped by social, political and economic decisions and policies made by the Irish government as well as European and international governments and institutions. Students need to be equipped with the skills, knowledge, understanding and values to negotiate these rapid changes in order for them to participate fully and effectively in society. In developing their knowledge and understanding of Ireland’s economy, students will engage with the wider business environment. Being economically literate enables students to identify and evaluate economic concepts as they relate to the economy and political systems. Using skills of critical thinking, data analysis and decision making through the study of economics, students will be prepared and empowered to contribute to society and manage future challenges confidently.


By exploring the economic world in which they live, students will understand the economic, social, political and environmental implications of the decisions made by individuals, businesses, our government and others. In their lifetime, students will have to make decisions that may be of personal, local and national importance. This specification enables them to develop an appreciation of the interdependent nature of economic prosperity, societal wellbeing and environmental sustainability. It is intended that Leaving Certificate Economics will be relevant to the lives of students today and in the future and inspire in them an interest in and curiosity about economic issues. It should enable them as citizens to appreciate the economic issues that affect their lives, to offer an informed viewpoint and set the foundation for future life, work and study.

Leaving Cert Economics Specification

What can you do if you study Economics (article 1)?

What can you do if you study Economics (article 2)?

What can you do if you study Economics (article 3)?

Video on Leaving Cert Economics


The other reason you should study Economics? You'll be seeing lots of Jacob Clifford...see below for a sample of his videos

(2.5 hour exam)

(Term 1 in 6th Year)

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